Feature Spotlight: Magentrix Portal User Options for Salesforce

    In order to better manage the access of your portal users to Magentrix. We have introduced the Magentrix Portal User Options for Salesforce to enable your internal Salesforce users. With this feature, you can manage your portal users through their Salesforce contact without having to log in to Magentrix as an administrator. This will help to reduce the number of steps to manage & retrieve user information and improve response time to ensure timely user provisioning and user management.

    Magentrix Portal Options

    This feature can be accessed using the lightning components on the Contact page layout (This feature requires Lightning Experience in Salesforce & [PS Official] - Manage User in Salesforce package in Magentrix):

    • Additionally, users can be managed through the “Community User” & “Community Role” fields on the Contact object for mass updates.
      • Note: It is considered best practice to manage the user through the “Magentrix Portal Options” lightning component, please refrain from updating the “Community User” & “Community Role” fields manually from the Contact page layout as they are intended for mass updates only.

    Contacts who have not been enabled as users must have a role assigned to them. The role options will depend on the picklist values of the Community Role (MagentrixOne__CommunityRole_mgtrx__c) on the Contact object in Salesforce and must match the Security Roles in Magentrix. The below are sample roles:

    Once a user has been enabled, they can be deactivated, their password reset or their role changed.

    • At this stage, the user will receive an invitation email to log in to the portal (the invitation email template can be updated on the portal)

    If a user is deactivated, they can no longer access the portal. The Salesforce user can reactivate them at a later time which Magentrix would re-invite to the portal by email

    Additionally, the portal user’s access may be reactivated, their password reset and their role changed by the Salesforce user.

    Last Login Date

    This feature can be accessed by adding the ‘Last Login Date’ field on the Contact page layout. This field will be automatically updated once a day against the Salesforce contact of any portal users who have successfully logged into Magentrix in the last 24 hours


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