How-To: Restricting View Of A Folder By Security Roles or Groups, While Allowing Access to Certain Files Within It

    It is possible to give users access to certain files that they would normally not have access to due to folder access permissions. This is done by allowing access to the specific file with a direct URL. For example, you may have a Knowledge Base articles folder that you only want visible to Administrators, but you need to share a Document within the folder with a Portal User.

    Restricting Folder Access:

    First, restrict access to the folder if you have not already done so:

    1. Navigate to the folder location, then hover your mouse over it and click Edit.

    2. In the resulting pop-up window click the Share tab, select the ‘Visible to certain groups of users’ option then select the desired users, groups or roles that can see the folder.


    Allowing Access Files via Direct Links:

    1. To obtain the link for the Document for individual sharing, open the Document and in the upper-right corner of the page click the ‘more’ button then click Share.


    2. A dialog will appear with a shareable link. In the selection button below the link, select the "People with the link" option. Copy the link to share with users as needed.

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