Using the Team Management Feature

    When the Team Management package is installed, it allows non-administrator users to manage portal users within their own accounts. This is a guide outlining the functions available to end-users in the Team Management feature.

    • To access the Manage Team page, click on the ‘Manage Team’ tab. If you have several tabs visible it may be listed in the menu dropdown, as shown in the below example:
    • When viewing the Manage Team page, shown below is an example of what it looks like for a sample Partner Management user, ‘John Smith’. John can see contacts that are assigned to the same account as him and see whether the person has an existing user. John can then execute certain actions depending on this.
    • If John’s role has also been given the permission to create contacts, then he can use the ‘New Team Member’ button to create a new contact within his same account and enable them as a user. 
    • For all listed contacts John will see the Security Role dropdown, this is used to select which role the user will be assigned to.

      • For contacts ‘Not yet a user’, selecting a role will create the user and assign the role.

      • For contacts already enabled as users, this will change their role if John selects a different role from the one they currently have assigned. 

    • For existing users, a gear dropdown is also available with additional functions.

      • For a user that is currently disabled, the option to re-enable the user will be shown.

      • For a user that is currently enabled, the options to reset the user’s password and disable the user will be shown. 
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