Resolving Obsolete Report Errors


    Custom reports require all fields referenced on the report to be available and accessible on the originating object. If the fields referenced on a report are deleted from their originating entity or object, the Obsolete Report error below will be displayed as a result of the report’s entity schema changes. The error will appear for all users attempting to access the report in the portal.

    In order to regain access to the report, you can follow the steps below:

    Revert the field deletion from their associated objects. The steps required to revert the deletion is dependent on the entity/object’s origin (Magentrix native, Salesforce, or Dynamics).

    For Magentrix native objects:

    1. Navigate to the Magentrix Setup Page.
    2. Select Manage > Recycle Bin.
    3. Click ‘Restore’ next to the field.

    For objects belonging to a CRM such as Salesforce or Dynamics, please refer to the vendor’s documentation on how to restore deleted fields.

    Proceed to refresh the object associated with the report.

    1. Navigate to your Magentrix Setup Page.
    2. Select ‘Extend’.
    3. Select the CRM to which the affected field and object belong (Salesforce in the example below).
    4. Select the object from which the field was initially deleted.
    5. Click Edit.
    6. Make sure ‘Allow Reports’ is checked as seen in the screenshot below.
    7. Click Save.
    8. Click on the ‘More Actions’ button at the top of the page.
    9. Select ‘Refresh’.


    *Please note that depending on the number of records on the object, this may be a lengthy process. It is recommended that this step is performed after business-hours.

    The report is now accessible. You can proceed to remove the field dependencies from the report or delete the report entirely.


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