Using Mingel Social Collaboration

    The Magentrix Mingel Social Collaboration feature allows users to converse and collaborate on Magentrix records such as Articles, Documents, Tasks, and more. This feature is accessed through the Feeds menu.

    Notifications will be sent through email and will appear on the Home Newsfeed.


    To use Mingel Social Collaboration, users must be assigned a security role with the following permissions:

    • Other Settings, Social Collaboration: Enabled

    Administrators must have enabled the Mingel social collaboration for the portal and the entity/module.

    To follow and comment on Magentrix records:

    1. Navigate to the Magentrix record for which you want to follow.
    2. On the bottom right of the page, click the green Feeds icon.
      The Feeds sidebar that appears will show ongoing conversations and attached files.
    3. If you want to follow the record, click Follow, then in the dropdown menu, select your notification preference.
    4. If you want to comment on the record, enter a comment into the text field and then click Share. You can also add attachments, polls, and mention other users.

    To change notification settings:

    1. Navigate to the record you want to change notification settings.
    2. On the bottom right of the page, click the green Feeds icon.
    3. Click Follow/Following, then in the dropdown menu select from the following:
      • Mute: Select this to turn off all notifications from the record.
      • All Activities: Select this to receive notifications for all record activities.
      • Only mentions of my name: Select this to receive notifications for only activities with mentions of you.
      • Unfollow: Select this to unfollow the record.

      Note*: Owners of records automatically follow their record. Owners cannot unfollow, but can mute the record.

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