Magentrix Sandbox Portals

    A Magentrix Sandbox Portal is a test environment that operates very similarly to a production portal. It allows you to perform tests and modifications without affecting your production environment.

    Note: The features of a sandbox portal are the same as those of a production portal, including automations, email notifications, and triggers. Therefore, if you have any workflows on your portal that send out emails, those would continue to function in the sandbox portal as well unless individually disabled. This includes both customizations, as well as out-of-the-box functions that send emails such as new user activation emails, etc.
    We strongly recommend that you do not use real email addresses on the Sandbox portal in order to prevent sending test or invalid messages to real end-users.

    How to purchase a Sandbox
    Please contact your account manager for a quote. Alternatively, you can also open a support ticket and the support team will connect you with the Accounts team.

    Custom Hubs on Sandbox portals
    Sandbox portals allow custom hubs to be created virtually the same way as production portals. However, if you wish to use a custom URL for the custom hub, you will need to let the Magentrix support team know by opening a support ticket so the team can finish the configuration on the Magentrix side.

    Cloning a Production Portal into a Sandbox
    At any time, you can clone your production portal into a Sandbox environment for testing purposes. This will allow you to test customizations and changes before making them live on the production portal.
    To clone your production portal into a sandbox portal, please reach out to Magentrix support. 

    Moving Changes from the Sandbox portal to the Production Portal

    Customizations made in the sandbox do not transfer to production, since they operate in separate environments. Customizations must be manually re-applied to the production environment.

    It is highly recommended that most changes are manually reapplied on the production portal. This will ensure the new modifications are compatible with the current configuration of your production portal. The Magentrix support team can be engaged to evaluate whether a particular change can be transferred to the production portal without needing to be manually recreated. However, please note that the scope of such transfers is very limited and highly dependent on the nature of the change you wish to transfer as well as the configuration of the production portal.

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