Creating “Nested Playbooks”

    This document will guide you through the process of creating a Nested Playbook.  A Nested Playbook allows you to include links to other playbooks as assets within a main playbook. This means that you can add multiple playbooks inside a main playbook, which provides a more efficient way of organizing and presenting information to users in your portal.


    In order to create a Nested Playbook, please follow these steps:


    1. On your Portal Setup, go to Create > Playbooks > +New Playbook



    2. Create a name for the Playbook. The Path will be automatically added after the name, if you wish, you can change the path. The other fields are optional.
    Click on Save.


    The main playbook will be created and ready to add assets.
    Repeat the same steps to create a secondary Playbook.
    In the main Playbooks page (Create > Playbooks) copy the playbook Path


    3. Go back to your Portal main page and click on Documents
    Create a new folder where the secondary playbook’s bookmarks will be stored
    In the Documents module, a Bookmark is a type of item that allows you to create a hyperlink to either an internal or external webpage. Once created, the Bookmark will be displayed as a file and can be used as an asset in the Playbooks module.

    To create the folder, click on New Folder


    Add a Folder name and click on Save


    4. On the recently created folder, click on New > New Bookmark


    Add a name and the path to the secondary Playbook previously created.
    Click on Save.


    5. Go back to the Main Playbook. Click on Assets > Add Asset > Add document


    On Document click on the Search button


    Search for the recently created Bookmark on the Documents module. Click on the bookmark.


    Click on Next


    Upload a Thumbnail that will be shown on the secondary Playbook cover. Click on Save.


    You now will have a main Playbook where you can add multiple secondary Playbooks. You can add multiple assets in each of these secondary Playbooks.


    Please note that you must set permissions on both, the main and the secondary playbooks, to the Roles that should have access. The user also needs permission on the Documents folder where the Bookmarks are created. In the documentation below you can find the steps to set up permissions on playbooks and folders.
    Configuring Playbook Permissions
    Sharing Folders in the Documents Library
    On the link below you can find information on how to add assets to the Playbooks.
    Managing Playbook Galleries


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