How to Set Up a Custom Login Page

    How to Set Up a Custom Login Page

    The portal allows you to create a custom-developed login page to use instead of the out-of-the-box login page.

    Note: In order to ensure login security, we recommend that all custom login pages be developed by our Professional Services team. 

    1. To create the login page, navigate to Develop > Pages, click on "New" and select "Active Pages". 

    Please refer to our development guides below for more information on how to develop the custom login page.

    Active Pages Documentation:

    Magentrix Developer Guide:

    Portal Manager Method Guide:

    Including Login Option on Public Landing Pages:

    Please note that Magentrix Support is unable to assist with custom coding inquiries. 

    2. Once the login page has been created, it must be selected in the “Custom Login Page” configuration, under the "Company Preferences" settings. 

    In order to access the setting, navigate to Manage > Company Preferences, and click on “Member Settings”.

    3. The next step is to create a new Tab for the new login page.

    In order to create the new Tab, navigate to Create > Tab. 

    Fill in the Label Name and select the custom page that was previously created under the Active Page option. Once the tab is ready, the next step is to create an APP that links to this new tab.

    For more information on how to create a new Tab, please see the documentation below:

    4. Next, we will create a new APP for "Guest" users and assign the newly created Tab to the App. 

    In order to create a new APP, navigate to Create > APP. 

    Fill in the Name and choose the tab previously created under the Tabs section. Add the tab to this App by clicking the arrow pointing to the right. Next, select the same tab under the "Default Landing Tab" option to set it as the landing page for this Tab.


    For more information on how to create a new App, please see the documentation below:

    Allowing Guest users to access the new Login Page

    To allow guest users to access the new Login Page, it is important to grant access to the "Guest" Security Role and set the App as default.

    1. In order to grant access to the page for the "Guest" role, navigate to Security > Security Role and click on "Guest"  security role.


    2. Then, click on “Edit”, navigate to “Active Pages/Classes” and under the “Active Pages” section add the new Login Page designed for the login. 


    If the page has a Controller/Class, grant permission by adding it to the right. 

    3. Under “App Settings”, Select the “Custom Login Page” as the default App for the “Guest” role.


    This process is required for the Guest user to be redirected to the App that has the "Custom Login Page" set as the landing page when trying to log in.

    Click “Save and Close” and the configuration is ready to be used.

    After completing the steps above, Guest users will see the Custom Login Page upon accessing the portal.

    After performing the above steps, if the custom login page is not visible to Guest users, please contact Magentrix Support.
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