Zapier Integration

    How it works:

    Zapier is a web-based automation tool that allows you to connect different web applications and automate workflows between them without the need for coding or technical knowledge. With Zapier, you can create automated tasks that trigger an action in one app when a specific event occurs in another app.

    How to Integrate Magentrix with Zapier:

    Creating a Zapier Account:

    1. Navigate to and create an account.
    2. Choose the version of Zapier that suits your business needs and the applications you plan to integrate. It has a free version and other premium options with more available features.

    Connect Your Magentrix Portal to Zapier:

    1. Navigate to My Apps
    2. Search for Magentrix > Click on Connect
    3. Type the credentials of a Magentrix Administrator user and the internal URL of your Magentrix instance.

    To check the Internal URL:

    1. In the Setup Home page, click Manage > Company Preferences.
    2. In the System Settings tab, scroll down to the Application Paths section and see the Organization URL.

    How to check which apps are compatible with Magentrix

    1. Navigate to the following URL:
    2. The page will display a list of apps that are compatible with Magentrix, use the search bar to find a specific app.
    3. Once you locate the app you are searching for, select it to obtain more information about the integration and which actions can be used.

    Creating an automation (Zap):

    In this example, we will show you how to connect Google Drive to Magentrix using Zapier. This integration will allow you to automatically create new documents in your Magentrix portal every time you upload a file to a specific folder in your Google Drive account.


    To set up the integration and start automating your workflows, follow the steps below:

    1. Log in to your Zapier account and click on Create Zap
    2. Choose Google Drive as the trigger app and select "New File in Folder" as the trigger event.
    3. Select the Google Drive account you want to use and select the folder you want to monitor for new files.
    4. Test the trigger by clicking "Test trigger" and make sure that Zapier is able to retrieve the correct file.
    5. Choose Magentrix as the action app and select "Create Document" as the action event.
    6. Connect your Magentrix account by entering an Administrator’s credentials and URL of your Magentrix portal.
    7. Map the required fields in the Magentrix "Create Document" action. For example, map the file name, description, and URL fields to the corresponding fields in the Google Drive trigger.
    8. Test the action by clicking "Test action" and make sure that the document is uploaded successfully to Magentrix.
    9. Turn on the Zap and let it run automatically in the background. Now every time you upload a document to the monitored Google Drive folder, Zapier will automatically create a new document in Magentrix Documents.
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