Feature Spotlight: Marketing Links

    Marketing Links

    Using the Marketing Links feature in the Document Library, Employee users can easily create custom links that Partners Users can share and track for marketing campaigns.

    There are several ways to use Marketing Links, such as referral programs, landing pages, etc... When the link is shared, the information is merged into the final URL, making it possible to be tracked.

    Employee users who have full permission(Read/Write/Delete) to the documents folder can create a new marketing link.

    A new Marketing Link can be created by navigating to Setup > Documents > Folder / New > New Marketing Links.



    Set up a Name and under the PATH/URL, fill in the target URL



    Once the  URL is set, click on “Insert Field” to have access to the formula field and add the field that needs to be tracked. 

    Note: The destination URL needs to be prepared to receive the information that will be linked to the link. In this case, the User.Id.




    Fill in the optional fields, Description and Keywords. By clicking on the FOLDER, the location of the Marketing Link can be changed.

    Note: Marketing Links can be saved within any folder.



    Using Marketing Links

    In order to use the created Marketing Link, navigate to the folder where the Marketing Link is saved, click on the Share option and then click on “Copy Link”. When the link is copied, the parameters set in the link will be automatically filled in, forming the complete link and becoming ready for use.



    Here is an example:  https://your.site.com/7NT00000000002k00dV

    Note: The user´s ID is the information in bold.

    It is also possible to use a Marketing Link within a Playbook.

    Navigate to Create > Playbooks/ Select the playbook > Assets > Click on Add Asset > Add Document.



    Click on the Magnifier glass and select the folder in which the Marketing Link is saved.

    The Marketing link has been added to the Playbook and can be shared.



    When the user selects the Marketing Link inside the Playbook, sharing options will become available. When copying the link, the user id will be attached to the link.



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