Portal Owner & Preferred Account Security Fields

    The entity permissions within the portal can be configured through a variety of options, including "Private" and "Controlled by Account."

    Choosing "Private" restricts the user's view to records they were the owner of, while "Controlled by Account" grants the user access to the records linked to their specific account.  

    Portal Owner Field

    When Entity Permissions are set to Private (see screenshot below), the Portal Owner setting (found on the object’s edit page) is used to determine the field the system uses to determine a record’s owner, which in turn will control the visibility of that record to the user.

    To set a Portal Owner field: 


    1. On the Setup Home page:

    • For Magentrix Native Entities, click Create > Entities > Edit
    • For CRM (Salesforce, Dynamics, etc.), click Extend > Select the CRM > Edit

    2. At the bottom of the Entity options, you will find a field called Portal Owner Field, select the field which will determine the owner of a record.


    Preferred Account Security Field


    The Preferred Account Security field is responsible for identifying the account to which a particular record is linked. This information is utilized by the Controlled by Account security configuration to determine whether the record should be made accessible to the user based on their account.

    To set up a Preferred Account Security Field

    1. On the Setup Home page:

    • For Magentrix Native Entities, click Create > Entities > Edit
    • For CRM (Salesforce,Dynamics, etc.), click Extend > Salesforce > Edit

    2. On the Entity Options section, you can set the Security Field. 

    Please note that in order for a field to appear on the Preferred Account Security Field, it must have a lookup to the account object, or another entity with a lookup to the account object.


    For detailed instructions on configuring permissions please start with the following documentation: https://help.magentrix.com/wikis/help/configuring-security-role-permissions



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