Authentication for Email Sending with Magentrix

    Magentrix uses Amazon SES as our email service provider. This email service is used to send automated emails such as notifications or password resets. Clients can customize the "Send From" email address so that portal emails appear as if they are sent from your domain. For more information on customizing your "Send From" email address, see this knowledge base article.

    If your portal's notification email "Send From" address has been customized, emails may be blocked as spam by email servers due to a perceived mismatch between Amazon SES and your domain. Additional steps can be made to indicate that Amazon SES has been authorized to send emails on your behalf and will prevent emails from being filtered as spam.

    To prevent emails from being filtered, Magentrix highly recommends clients to authenticate sent portal emails using Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM). 


    SPF is an email validation standard that explicitly authorizes email hosts to use a domain name and can be checked by email servers.

    To enable SPF authentication, you will need to add an SPF record to the DNS configuration of your sending domain. This is done by creating or updating an existing TXT record to include Amazon SES. For detailed instructions, see the Amazon SES documentation.

    DKIM (Recommended)

    DKIM allows email senders to attach a digital signature to emails which are then validated to a domain name. If SPF alone does not prevent emails from being filtered, Magentrix also recommends setting up DKIM. It is an industry best practice for email services but is optional for Magentrix clients. For more information, see the Amazon SES documentation.

    If you want to set up DKIM with Magentrix email, please contact Support.




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