Product Update - Changes to the Guest Role

    In the upcoming product release for Magentrix, we will make changes to the guest security role in order to improve clarity to how portal information is made available to the public.

    In the new release, a new “Guest” security role type will replace the existing guest security role that uses the “Employee” role type. Each custom community will be assigned a separate guest security role. Custom community guest roles will be automatically created when a custom community portal is created.

    When the new product release is deployed, the old guest security role will be cloned into the new guest security role. Administrators should review the public user experience and then delete any old guest security roles.

    Besides the guest role update, role auditing will be added for you to track security changes made to security roles. Administrators will have the ability to view the user that has performed the changes along with timestamps.


    What Are the Changes?

    A new guest security role will be used to set permissions for public users. New guest security roles will also be used for custom community public users.

    Additionally, role auditing will start tracking changes made to all security roles.


    What Does This Mean for Me?

    The existing guest security role will be cloned into the new guest role type. New guest roles will also be added and assigned to each existing custom community portal.


    Will I Be Affected by This?

    All existing Magentrix clients will receive this update and have the changes applied to their portals. All clients will see a new guest security role in their portals. Portals with custom communities will see a new guest security role set as the guest role for each of their custom communities.



    Magentrix recommends administrators to review the guest user experience for the main portal. If applicable, administrators should review the public portal experience for all their custom community portals and delete all legacy guest security roles that use the employee role type.

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