Accessing Salesforce Files in Magentrix

    Starting in the Winter ‘19 release, Salesforce has moved to a new document storage architecture called “Files” to replace the previous “Attachments”. The Magentrix Community package for Salesforce has been updated to reflect the new Files implementation.

    If your Salesforce instance is running the Lightning version or the “Files uploaded to Attachments related list on records are uploaded as Salesforce Files, not as attachments” option is enabled in Salesforce Files Settings, additional configuration is required to access Salesforce Files in your Magentrix portal.


    Configuring Salesforce Files for Magentrix

    To configure Salesforce Files, installation of Magentrix Community Package version 1.9 is required.

    Follow these steps to configure Salesforce Files for related lists:

    1. In Magentrix, navigate to Setup > Extend > Salesforce. Click New, select "MagentrixOne__File__c", and then click Continue. Select all the fields and click Submit. Set the security permissions (See Configuring Entity Permissions).
    2. Go to any Salesforce Entity and edit the desired page layouts and add the File related list.
    Note*: Do NOT modify the MagentrixOne_File__c object in Salesforce.

    Both your Salesforce Files and historical Attachments will be accessible via the Files related lists. Attachments will not be updatable but users will be able to download or delete (if permitted). Once you have updated all the page layouts in Magentrix and have completely switched over to using Salesforce Files, please remove the Attachments entity from the system.

    Follow the steps below to remove the Salesforce Attachment entity:

    1. In Magentrix, navigate to Setup > Extend > Salesforce.
    2. Click the "Force__Attachment" entity and then click Delete.

    If you are importing an object from Salesforce after you imported the MagentrixOne__File__c object into Magentrix, the below steps are required in order to display files related list with the page layout of the new imported object:

    1. Import the new Salesforce object in Magentrix.
    2. Refresh the “Force File” object.
    3. Change the page layouts for the new Salesforce object to include the “File” related list.
    Note: the portal's Integration API version should be: 44+



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