FAQ: Users' Active Status Or Role Changing Automatically

    When creating or editing community users (non-Employees) in the Manage Users page, their Active value and/or Role value may be updated by an Administrator but is later changed back to previous values without the Administrator's input.

    The most common reason for this is related to the Auto-Enablement function.

    If the Auto-Enablement function is deployed in your portal, rather than using the Manage Users page, a user’s portal access must be managed via their Contact record using the Community User and Community Role fields. 

    (Important note: The field names used may be different if you have this customized.)

    The reason for this is that based on the values set in the two community fields in the Contact record, Magentrix automatically creates or updates the corresponding Magentrix User. 

    This is one-directional - if you update the user via the Manage Users page, the Contact values are not updated. As a result, when the contact auto-sync runs the function will revert the User values to match the Contact values.

    Steps to resolve:

    1. Edit the Contact page layouts you have in place to ensure the community fields (or your custom fields if applicable) are visible. 

    1. In the Setup Home page:

      • If you are using the Magentrix native Contact entity, click Create > Entities.

      • If you are using the Salesforce Contact object, click Extend > Salesforce.

      • If you are using the Dynamics Contact entity, click Extend > Dynamics CRM.

    2. Search for and click the Contact entity/object to open it.

    3. Select the Page Layouts tab and click to open the desired page layout.

    4. Edit the layout by dragging elements to the Design Pane.

      • If the Community User and Community Role fields are not already in the layout you can drag them into an existing section, or add a new section for them if desired.

      • Page sections will automatically be set as visible to everyone, but they can be configured to be shown only to specific roles. To do so, click on the wrench button beside the section you desire to restrict visibility.

    5. Click Save.

    This also applies to the Contact page layouts within Salesforce or Dynamics where applicable.

    More instructions for editing page layouts are available in our documentation page "Managing Entity Page Layouts in the Layout Designer": https://help.magentrix.com/00i00000000003V0001

    2. Going forward, managing a community user’s portal access can be done by editing their Contact record’s Community User and Community Role values accordingly.


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