Configuring Magentrix Article Search for Salesforce

    The Magentrix package for Salesforce installs new components and attributes. For some features to be enabled, you will need to manually make changes in your Salesforce instance.

    Magentrix Article Search for Salesforce


    Magentrix Article Search for Salesforce allows your employees to search and attach Magentrix hosted articles to case tickets. Case subjects and descriptions are used as search criteria to display article results and other related posts. Articles can then be previewed and links are generated to share with customers and partners. Articles can also be shared as PDFs through email.

    Salesforce administrators must register and authorize Magentrix as a remote site to search Magentrix articles. Follow these steps to authorize Magentrix:

    1. In Salesforce, navigate to Setup > Remote Site Settings.
    2. Click New Remote Site.
    3. Configure the fields:
      • Remote Site Name: Enter the name of your Magentrix instance
      • Remote Site URL: Enter your Magentrix instance URL e.g. ""
      • Active: Ensure the checkbox is enabled
    4. Click Save.

    The Magentrix Community Package adds a button to the Case object called "Find Articles". Salesforce administrators must configure the button to view articles. Follow these steps to configure the Article Search feature:

    1. In Salesforce, navigate to Setup > Custom Settings.
    2. Select Magentrix Community Settings and then click Manage.
    3. Create a Default Organization Level Value by clicking New. If there is an existing Default Organization Level Value, click Edit.
    4. Configure the fields:
      • Location: This field is not required
      • API Password: The password of the Magentrix User
      • API Username: The username of the Magentrix User
      • Article Types: The Magentrix API names of the article type, separated by a comma
      • Community URL: The URL of the Magentrix instance "e.g."
    5. Click Save.
    6. Navigate to Setup > Object Manager > Case and update all article-related page layouts to have the "Find Article" button.
    7. Provide profile access to the MagentrixOne.CaseArticleActionOverride, MagentrixOne.MagFindArticle and MagentrixOne.MagPreviewArticle Visualforce pages.
    8. Provide profile access to the MagentrixOne.MagFindArticleController and MagentrixOne.MagPreviewArticleController Apex classes.


    Suggested Magentrix Articles for Salesforce


    This feature displays suggested articles and allows users to search and attach Magentrix hosted articles to case tickets, all from within the case record page layout. This component includes all of the above-described features and requires the above settings to be in place in addition to the following steps below. Please note that this feature requires the Salesforce Lightning Experience.

    Follow these steps to add the Suggested Magentrix Articles lightning component to the case page layout:

    1. In Salesforce, on the case record page navigate to Edit Page.
    2. On the "Components" section on the left-hand side, search for "Magentrix" and add the "SearchMagentrixArticles" custom component to your page layout.
      • To include the ability to view linked articles, it is recommended to also add the "Related Lists" standard component


    In the event, if the above settings are set up incorrectly, and the lightning component cannot function, Salesforce users will see the below error.

    • Ensure that the Custom Settings are set up correctly and the user referenced in the settings is an Administrator with the correct credentials to log in to Magentrix.
    • Ensure that the Magentrix Article Type referenced is correct.
    • Ensure that the user profile(s) accessing the lightning component have access to all MagentrixOne classes.

    To configure articles in Magentrix, see the documentation.



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