Configuring Your Social Profile

    When the Social Collaboration module is enabled, users can configure their Social Profile with information about themselves and profile pictures.


    To configure your Social Profile, users must be assigned a security role with the following permissions:

    • All Entities, User (system), Edit: Private
    • Other Settings, Social Collaboration: Enabled
    • Social Collaboration must be enabled on the portal

    To configure your social profile:

    1. Click on your name in the upper right corner of the page and then click My Profile.
    2. Click Edit Profile and then complete the fields provided.
    3. In the Privacy Setting dropdown list, select a setting.
      • Public: All Social Profile information is visible to other users.
      • Private: Only Alias, Title, and About Me is visible to other users. Private accounts will not appear in the Peoples Tab and all posts shared will be made under the alias. Other users will still be able to follow you in their feeds.

        Note*: Other users will be able to search for both your name or alias in private messaging.

    4. Click Save Changes.
    5. If you want to add or change your profile picture:
      • Hover over the Profile Picture pane and then click the camera icon.
      • Click Upload file, select a profile picture, and then click Open.
      • Crop your photo to create a thumbnail image by dragging and resizing the selection.
      • Click Save.
    6. If you want to add or change your cover picture, on the top left of the Cover Picture pane, click the camera icon, and then click Upload Photo. Select a cover photo and then click Open.

    Note: The default size for the Cover Picture pane is 1200px wide by 280px high, so we recommend you first ensure your image is within these dimensions before uploading. If you find your image does not fit within the pane correctly, you may need to adjust your image size to fit accordingly.

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