Error: "Object has too many Paths to the Governing Field."

    If a user is trying to see records for a given object and the below error appears in the Event Log, it means the "Preferred Account Security" field setting is not set for that object and it has multiple paths back to the Account object: 

    • “Object <object name here> has too many Paths to the Governing Field. Cannot determine which field to choose. [GovernedField]”

    This can occur when both of the following conditions are true:

    1. The given object has multiple Lookup fields for the Account object. For example, the Contact object may have multiple lookup fields that reference the Account object
    2. The Preferred Account Security Field setting is not set for the given object

    When this occurs, the system is not given a specified security reference to determine which records in the object can be seen by the user.

    To resolve this error:

    1. Navigate to Setup > Extend > Salesforce and open the object mentioned in the error.
    2. Click Edit, then in the dropdown field "Preferred Account Security Field”, select the desired lookup field that will be used for the security reference.
    3. Click Save.


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