Updating Login Links to use the Tokenized Parameter

    Magentrix is constantly working on bringing new enhancements to our platform to ensure that your portal and user login experiences are protected. In order to avoid exposing login credentials in activation emails, we have introduced a new tokenized method for the login endpoint (/user/login). This will replace the existing format and will provide an additional layer of safety for your users and login information on your portal.

    These links are configured in email templates and are sent to users via notifications for the below actions:

    • New User Notification
    • Forgot Password
    • Reset Password

    What are Email Templates?

    Email templates are form email messages that support rich-text, images, and merge fields. These templates are used by automations to send email notifications to users.

    You may have additional custom email templates with the old link format, which are used for user access assistance. For instance, if you have multiple languages configured you may have created copies of the user access templates in those additional languages.

    All email templates should be checked to ensure any links with the above format are up to date in the steps below.

    Updating Login Links in Email Templates:

    1. Access your email templates in Magentrix via Setup > Create > Email Templates.
    2. Review each template to check if it contains a link with the formatting below:
      • {!LoginUrl}/user/login?un={!User.Username}&pw={!Password}
      • {!LoginUrl}/user/login?un={!User.Username}&pw={!NewPassword}
      • {!Preference.OrgURL}
    3. Replace all links in the text editor with the {!LoginLink} merge field:
      1. Click Edit.
      2. In the text editor, delete the link.
      3. Add the following text to your email body: {!LoginLink}
      4. Highlight the text and click the link icon.
      5. In the Protocol dropdown, select <other> and enter the following text in the URL field: {!LoginLink}
      6. Click OK.
      7. Click Save.


    Note*: On October 1, 2020, the login method where username and password parameters are within the URL will be retired to keep your portals secure.

    Selecting Email Templates for System Notifications

    You may want to select a new custom email templates to be used for the following system actions:

    • New User Notification
    • Forgot Password
    • Reset Password

    Follow these steps to select the custom email templates:

    1. Navigate to Setup > Manage > Company Preferences.
    2. Click Edit.
    3. Select the Security Settings tab.
    4. Under the Email Communication Settings pane, find and select the desired email template.
    5. Click Save.

    Custom email templates may also be selected for communities.

    1. Navigate to Setup > Create > Communities.
    2. Select the community and then click Edit.
    3. Select the Security Settings tab.
    4. In the Email Templates pane, find and select the desired email template.
    5. Click Save.

    If other languages are enabled on your portal, please contact Magentrix Support to confirm if any custom language emails have been configured. Enabled languages are visible at Setup > Manage > Language Settings.

    Your developers may have created custom pages or third-party applications to login to Magentrix. If they have configured it to use the username and password parameter login formatting, they will need to update it to the new formatting. Please see this documentation for login via API.

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