Feature Spotlight: Magentrix Article Search for Salesforce

    In order to maintain your Service-Level Agreements, you will need to address queries accurately and on-time with relevant resources. We have introduced the Magentrix ‘Article Search in Salesforce’ feature to enable your internal Salesforce users. With this feature, you can leverage your knowledge base and documentation that is hosted on your Magentrix portal into your Salesforce Case object. This will help to reduce the number of steps to retrieve information and improve response time to ensure customer satisfaction.

    This feature can be accessed by the ‘Find Articles’ button on the Case page layout.

    Clicking the ‘Find Articles’ button will automatically use keywords from the Case record’s subject and description to search Magentrix-hosted knowledge base articles. Results will be listed in a new page.

    These articles can be previewed and linked to the case record by clicking the ‘Preview’ and ‘Add to Case’ inline links.

    Articles can also be directly emailed to your customers in a PDF but this feature requires case deflection to be configured for your instance.

    You may have custom communities with different branding that targets different users and user-groups. Additional links are available to deliver the article posts to your communities while maintaining your branding.

    To configure the Magentrix Article Search in Salesforce feature, please see this documentation.


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