FAQs: How Can I See Articles That Are 'Pending Approval'?

    Question: Is it possible to add a status such as "Pending Approval" to the standard list view for articles? We wish to be able to differentiate between articles that are in Draft because they are still in progress and those that pending to be approved for publishing.

    Answer: While it isn't possible to add a status to the list view, Administrator and Publisher users do have the ability to see and use the Pending Approval feature.

    • When viewing an Article Type, Administrators and Publishers will see a 'Pending Approvals' button. Clicking this will show the Pending Approvals page, which will list all articles with that status.


    • When browsing the Articles page, Administrators and Publishers will also see a smaller 'Pending Approvals' button, which will bring them to the same page.



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