FAQs: How to Add Access for a Role to Post Under a Specific Article Type?

    Question: How do I add access for a role to post under a specific Article Type?

    Answer: To give roles permissions to post under Article Types, follow these instructions:

    1. Login as an Administrator.
    2. Navigate to Setup > Create > Articles and open the article type you wish to allow. Under the Actions dropdown at the top-right, select Share.
    3. Search and add the desired role and select ‘Contribute’ or ‘Publish’ in the dropdown.
      The ‘Contribute’ setting will allow the role to create posts but cannot publish the posts. The ‘Publish’ setting will allow the role to create new posts for that article type as well as edit and publish existing ones.
    4. Click Done.

    To learn more about the Articles module, see the Help Documentation.

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