FAQs: How to Give Access for a Role to Create New Forum Topics or Posts?

    Question: How do I give access for a role to create new forum topics in the Community homepage? How do I give access for a role to create new forum posts?

    Answer: To give roles forum permissions, follow these steps:

    1. Navigate to Setup > Security > Security Roles and open the desired role.
    2. Click Edit, then under the App Settings tab click the ‘Visible’ checkbox for the Community module, and then click Save.
    3. Under the All Entities tab click Edit. For the Forum entity, set 'Create' to Yes. This will give the role permission to create forum topics that will appear on the Community homepage.
    4. For the Forum Post entity, set ‘Create’ to Yes, then ‘Edit’ and ‘Delete’ to Private. This will give the role permissions to create forum posts but they can only edit or delete their own posts.
    5. Click Save & Close.

    For more information on the Community Forums module, see the Help Documentation.

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