FAQs: How to Add Learning Management System Permissions to Roles

    Question: How do I give access for a role to assign courses to the employees in the Training module?

    Answer: To give access to roles to assign courses, administrators must do the following:

    1. Navigate to the Training App, then go to LMS Admin Panel > Settings.
    2. Select the Permissions tab, then select the desired role in the dropdown.
    3. Select the ‘Administrator’ access level, then check the ‘Manage Course Assignments’ box.
    4. Select the users to which the role can assign courses, then click Save.

    Ensure the Training module is visible to the role via security roles settings:

    1. Navigate to Setup > Security > Security Roles and open the desired role.
    2. Click Edit, then under the App Settings tab, click the ‘Visible’ checkbox for the Training app.
    3. Select the Tab Settings tab, then select ‘Hidden’ or ‘On’, and then click Save & Close.


    Question: How do I make Learning Management Reports visible for a role?

    Answer: The Learning Management Reports folder is only accessible for administrators. For non-admin users to see the LMS reports, administrators must clone the reports into a new reports folder.

    1. Navigate to the Reports tab and create a new reports folder.
    2. On the sidebar, click the gear button next to the folder and then click Edit.
    3. In the resulting popup click the Share tab, then select ‘Visible to certain groups of users’, then add the desired role, and then click Done.
    4. In the Reports page, click the Learning Management Reports folder.
    5. For each report:
      • Click on the report, then on the top-right click Actions > Save As.
      • In the resulting popup, complete the name fields, then select the LMS reports folder shared to non-administrator roles, and then click Save.

    To learn more about the Learning Management System, see the Help Documentation.

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