Introducing the Rewards Module

    The Magentrix rewards module allows you to create reward programs as a way to drive partner and customer engagement and to gamify their experience through rewards, points, or other incentive programs. Different reward programs can be created to cater to different partners and customers. Users can enroll into programs for which they are eligible and claim rewards in the portal through select redemption methods. Rewards can be designed as either cash or points programs.

    You can create reward programs for a specific program audience by configuring program filters. Users can view program details and must first agree to reward program terms & conditions to enroll in the program and make claims.

    Some activities can be tracked within Magentrix and in such cases, claims will automatically be submitted on behalf of the program member. Reward claims forms can be created to obtain more information on a user's activities outside of the portal. Information can include in-class training, securing a client appointment, etc.

    Once activity claims are submitted, admins and program managers can review the claims. They can choose to reject or approve claims. Reward claims are reportable and allow managers to export them to other reimbursement programs.

    Let’s see how different users would experience a rewards program:

    Partner/Customer experience:

    Your partner/customer users can choose from a list of eligible programs from which they can view details, accept the terms and conditions, and then enroll in the program. Once they have joined the program, they can start earning rewards which can be later redeemed using the claim rewards button.

    Users can also work their way up the leaderboards and level-up through the program tiers to compete with their program peers.

    Users can submit a claim by clicking on the “submit claim” button and filling out the form. Depending on the rewards, they will automatically receive their reward, or a program manager can accept or reject the claim.

    They can see an overview of their reward activities and see their claim status in a report.

    Program Manager:

    Program managers can set up global gamification levels for their programs and choose the ranking period for the leaderboards. Reward expiration periods can also be configured to encourage reward redemption within a desired time period. Rewards that are not claimed after the period will not be available for redemption. Custom redemption apps can also be used with Magentrix to claim rewards.

    Program managers can also set up custom email notifications to update users on their activity in the rewards program.

    A program can have filters to define specific users that would qualify for the rewards program and have the option to limit the time range for activity claims.

    Multiple reward activities can be claimed for typical partner activities including:

    • Submitting new deal registrations
    • Qualified deal registration
    • Closing a deal
    • Completing a course
    • Submitting an idea
    • Attending an in-person or webinar training session
    • Logging into the partner portal
    • Accessing collateral, articles, and documents on the partner portal
    • Registering for an event
    • And more!

    Rewards can be tailored for specific programs to suit the requirements of regions or partner levels.

    Program managers can review all reward claims and choose to accept or reject claims. Once approved, claims can be reimbursed.

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