Salesforce Files - Permission Set to enable Query All Files

    Instructions to enable the 'Query All Files' permission to allow the integration user to bypass restrictions on querying files.

    This permission is required to run the "Deployment Next Steps" on Salesforce in order to sync Salesforce Files with the portal.

    It seems that assigning the 'Query All Files' permission directly to profiles is not possible. Instead, you'll need to create a permission set containing this permission, which can be found under 'App Permissions,' and then assign it to the integration user.


    Key Points:

    • "Query All Files" returns all files, including those in non-member libraries and unlisted groups.
    • Users cannot edit, upload new versions, or delete files to which they do not have access.
    • Make sure the "View All Data" permission is given to the integration user as it is required to enable Query All Files.

    Steps to enable the Permission Set for users:

    This needs to be done only for the user who is going to sync the files from Salesforce to Magentrix.
    1. Navigate to Salesforce Setup
      • If you’re using Lightning Experience, click on the gear Icon, then select Setup. 
      • If you’re using Salesforce Classic, click Setup.
    2. Search for Permission Sets > Click New.
    3. Enter the preferred details.
    4. Click Save.

    1. Click on 'App Permissions'.

    1. Click 'Edit'. 
    2. Check the Enabled checkbox, next to 'Query All Files'.

    1. Click Save.
    2. Click on Manage Assignments.

    1. Click on Add Assignments.
    2. Check all the users you want to add, then click 'Assign'.

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